Yoga Mats Australia: Best Yoga Mats that offer Posturing and Absorbing Sweat

September 21, 2018

People are always looking for the best yoga mats Australia sells on amazon. Yoga has been in practice for centuries in Eastern culture. It was not really until the 1980s that yoga became a popular form of exercise in the rest of the world. Urban areas, especially, looked at yoga as a new exercise craze. This is ironic when, historically, yoga was intended not for exercise, but for its meditative and spiritual benefits. Today, most people use a yoga mat when at the studio.

Back when people still bought workout tapes and then DVDs, people spent hundreds and thousands of dollars a year on gym equipment and health fads. Yoga started out that way – a fad. There were yoga gyms all over the world, especially in big cities.

This craze started to die down with the advent of Pilates and cross-fit. However, there are still die-hard yoga fans.  A lot of people try yoga at least once before the age of thirty. This means they buy yoga equipment. If you are one of them, you want to make sure you buy one of the quality yoga mats available online.


Why Is there a Demand for Yoga Mats in Australia?

Yoga does provide amazing health benefits – physically, mentally and spiritually. You want to make sure you have the right equipment so you can thoroughly enjoy the experience. Here is a review of some of the best yoga mats has to offer. Thankfully, there are plenty of awesome yoga mats Australia has on tap. They can all be found on Amazon offers free shipping if your order qualifies.


Reehut 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High Density NBR Exercise Yoga Mat

One of the must have yoga mats is the Reehut High Density exercise yoga mat. This mat is perfect for yoga, Pilates, fitness and workouts. Its 71” x 24” wide so it is perfect for whatever type of workout you are doing. It’s made with high-density NBR material. NBR is what is used on surfaces such as hard wood floors so it’s extra thick and non-slip. It is also friendly to the environment because it’s made out of recycled materials.

The Reehut yoga mat is ½” thick so it’s perfect to support and cushion your hips, knees, spine and elbows on hard floors. This is important to prevent bruising and injury to your body while working out. The thick padding also makes it much more comfortable to use.

In addition to being made out of NBR, the Reehut mat has double-sided textured surfaces so both it prevents slipping on both sides. Your body won’t slip on the mat and the mat won’t slip on the floor. This too is important to prevent injury.

This Reehut yoga mat comes with a free strap which is lightweight and easy to carry. Whether you’re taking your yoga mat to the gym or the beach, this carrying strap makes it easy to carry along. It’s also light and thin enough for easy storage. You don’t want your yoga mat sticking out under your bed or couch. You also don’t want to leave it in the back of your car or truck. Keep it in a safe can clean spot.

This yoga mat by Reehut is environmentally friendly. It is approved by RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directives) so you know it won’t damage the environment.  It is also approved by PAH so you can rest assured that it not made of any dangerous materials.  It’s easy to clean.  All it takes is a little soapy water and a clean, dry towel to wipe it down.

The mat is versatile. It can be used for yoga, Pilates, stretching and workouts. It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you are doing, the Reehut Yoga Mat is perfect. It comes in 5 bright, friendly colors such as powder blue, lime green, bubblegum pink, purple and red.

The Reehut yoga mat is available on  It also comes with a 1-year warranty. If you experience any issues with your Reehut mat, simply contact the manufacturer and they will help resolve any problems. Reehut truly is one of the best yoga mats Australia has seen in quite some time.


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YAWHO Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

Another of the top selling yoga mats Australia offers is this model made by YAWHO. It isn’t as bright and funky as the Reehut, but it is still a top-quality yoga mat. This mat is ideal for anyone who is serious about yoga. It is slightly larger than the Reehut, 72” x 24”. It offers plenty of room for whatever exercises you will do.

It is made out of TPE, one of the most technologically advanced materials used today. TPE is an improvement to traditional yoga mats. YAWHO uses no latex, no PVC – absolutely no toxic materials at all. They use SGS certified TPE material which is non-slip and odorless. It offers an eco-friendly alternative to many other yoga mats.

The YAWHO is made of material that offers excellent cushioning. It is superior to so many yoga mats that are made out of cheap materials like plastic and PVC. They are healthy and completely recyclable. It comes with a body alignment system that lets you focus and put your hands and feet in the perfect positions. This allows your body to stay in proper alignment. This is important not only for perfect yoga style, but it is also important to avoid injury.

The alignment stripe design on the YAWHO yoga mat makes it perfect to use at home or in the studio. It lines up so you can match your body to the exact posturing for many yoga positions. This is ideal for when you’re practicing alone or with a personal trainer.

This mat comes with exceptional resilience. It allows you to keep your balance in any yoga pose and during any style of exercise. The material is moisture resistant so it can be easily washed with soap and water. It is available in 5 cool colors including olive green, royal blue, lavender, purple and black. It comes with a mesh carrying bag and strap for easy travel. You can take it with you to the gym, the office or even on vacation.

Customers who have purchased this yoga mat praise the mat’s high quality and design. They say the thickness and texture are great and doesn’t compromise its sleek look. The alignment system helps them stay in place and the no-slip material helps them keep even the most difficult of yoga poses. The mat rolls up nice and tight for easy carrying.

The YAWHO yoga mat is available on and does come gift wrapped if you choose. YAWHO backs up their products with a 1-year warranty. If you run into any problems with their product, YAWHO has customer service representatives available 24/7 to help you. They promise to resolve any reported issues within 24 hours. They will also replace any defective products immediately.

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Syourself Yoga Towel

If you are looking for something a little different, this Syourself yoga towel is perfect for you! It is super light-weight and so easy to tote. It works with just about any yoga mats Australia sells and offers a skidless and strong grip.

The Syourself yoga towel is 100% microfiber so it is ultra-soft and comfortable. Everyone knows if you’re not sweating while you do yoga, you aren’t doing it right! Thankfully, this towel is lint-free and absorbent so it will keep your mat clean while you practice your yoga or exercises. This towel is made of a fast-dry and antibacterial material. It, therefore, will keep your sweaty hands and feet secure while you’re keeping your pose. Focus on your mind, body and breathing without having to worry about a painful or embarrassing fall.

In order to ensure proper grip, just spray the towel down with water before laying it on your yoga mat. It comes in 4 different fun styles that are attractive and eye-catching. You’ll be the envy of everyone else in yoga class with this funky yoga towel by Syourself. The water-based print inks are non-fade so your design will stay fresh for the life of your towel.

The funky design of the yoga towel help you express yourself while you express yourself with your yoga poses. It will foster an environment of happiness, motivation and enthusiasm. Each design has its own special meaning. The four available styles are:

  • GEO: comes in a colorful design to improve your confidence and inspire your enthusiasm
  • GEO BLUE: all you have to do is close your eyes and breathe in a feeling of inner peace. This style is perfectly suited for core power yoga.
  • MANDALA BLUE: this style will help you breath, focus and clear your mind – isn’t this the point of yoga after all?
  • STARRY SKY: This mysterious style will allow you to explore the mystery of yoga.

You can take this fun yoga towel with you anywhere. It is lightweight and compact. You can fold it right up and take it along no matter where you’re going. It also comes with its own unique microfiber travel bag for easy carrying. You can even use the bag for your phone, water bottle or anything else you want.

The mat is 183 cm x 61 cm so it’s the perfect towel for almost every yoga mat You can use it indoors or outdoors so it’s ideal for both the yoga studio and the beach. You can use it for hot yoga, studio yoga or working out. You could even use it as a blanket for sports and fitness.

One of the great things about the Syourself yoga towel is that it protects your body from both injury and bacteria during your yoga. It offers a protective layer between you and your mat. It also protects the mat from damage, extending the life of your yoga mat and other equipment. You don’t have to worry about your yoga towel getting sweaty or dirty because, unlike your yoga mat, it is machine washable.  You can even put this towel in the dryer! Keep it nice and fresh so it’s ready to go with you on your next workout.

The Syourself yoga towel makes a perfect birthday, Mother’s Day, or anniversary gift. It comes with luxury packaging and is available on and does qualify for free shipping through Amazon.

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Cenblue Yoga Mat

This yoga mat by Cenblue is right in the middle range as far as price goes. It is available through  It is a no-nonsense yoga mat, available in a simple black color.  Like many of the yoga mats has on the market today, the Cenblue is made from a grade-A NBR material. It is 183 cm x 61cm and is 1 cm thick. So, it is a bit thinner than most yoga mats.

The Cenblue is very versatile and provides the traction you need to improve your balance. It will enhance every pose you make and every exercise you perform. Since it is no-slip, it will give a safe base for your yoga and reduce injury and impact to your body. You won’t feel sore when you’re done working out if you use this yoga mat from Cenblue.

This mat is not limited for use with just yoga. It is perfect to use for Pilates, core workouts, gym routines and meditation. The fitness pad makes your floor exercises more comfortable and cushions your spine, hips and elbows on a hard wood floor.

The Cenblue yoga mat is light-weight and really easy to carry. It is reversible and can be used on both sides. It is really easy to clean and can be wiped down after every workout. Because it has 10mm thickness, it will withstand daily use. It is durable and long-lasting. The NBR foam in the padding is also durable so it can hold up to even the most vigorous routines.

The non-slip mat protects you from the elements. If you’re doing hot yoga or doing yoga in an air-conditioned studio, the mat will keep you from getting too hot or too cold. It is a bit larger than most yoga mats. Customers have given the Cenblue yoga mat 5 out of 5 stars!



Combo Yoga Mat by Yoga Design Lab

This yoga mat is on the higher-end of our price range, but it offers so many unique features that it worth every penny. The combo yoga mat by Yoga Design Lab was specifically designed to be your very favorite yoga companion. It combines the comfort of the yoga mat with the convenience of a yoga towel!

The Combo yoga mat has a top layer that is ultra-absorbent.  It’s bonded to a natural tree rubber base that gives you both the sweaty grip of a towel and the cushion of a yoga mat. It comes in non-fade patterned prints and colors so they won’t dull with use. The design and pattern will stand up to long-term use and washing.

It comes with a durable carrying strap included for free. It makes it so easy to take your Combo yoga mats Australia loves to the studio, beach or the gym.  It is quick dry so you can wipe or spray it down before and after every workout or yoga session to keep it clean and refreshing.

The yoga mat itself is light-weight. It is flexible and folds up so it is easily portable. It is also reversible so you can get pretty patterns on both the top and bottom side. You’ll always have vibrant colors greeting you as you move from one yoga pose to another.

You will experience a much improve yoga session with this yoga combo mat. You won’t have to worry about your towel bunching up and getting in the way of your exercises. You won’t have to worry about a dirty, smelly towel interrupting the meditative quality of your yoga.

The Yoga Design Lab combo mat comes with an extra comfortable cushion that absorbs the shock and impact of your moves. It will also be comfortable to sit on for both workouts and yoga sessions. It offers a much-needed respite from a grueling workout.

The combo mat is perfect for beginner yogis and experts. It is perfect for both men and women. Even kids can use this mat. It is the perfect size for the yogi in all of us at 178 cm x 61 cm x 3.5 mm thick. It is light-weight at just 1.8 kg.

The Yoga Design Lab combo yoga mat has zero odor. It isn’t made from toxic and smelly materials. Not like those cheap mats! You can feel good about the product you use because it is eco-friendly. It is ideal for just about every kind of yoga:

  • Yoga, hot yoga, hatha, vinyasa / power, bikram, yin, ashtanga, jivamukti, iyengar, kundalini, acro, prenatal, restorative, barre, Pilates, TRX, home workouts, Zumba, CrossFit, HIIT, and general fitness / exercise.

Visit to see what customers have to say about the combo mat by Yoga Design Lab. One customer gave the product 5 out of 5 stars commenting:

“Love my new mat! The thickness and texture are great, no hand or feet slipping. It sticks well to any surface so no more mat creeping which is great. The handy travel strap is a simple but clever design that doesn’t slip off or stretch, great for transporting my mat from class to class. The design and color are just gorgeous (soothing too), and no new rubber mat smell!!! Would definitely recommend this combo mat. Love it”

It’s available in 11 different and exciting patterns, all with beautiful and reversible colors. The combo yoga mat is good for the environment – it is made from natural tree rubber, recycled bottles and water-based prints. It’s machine washable and can air dry. This way you can keep it fresh between uses.

It’s definitely worth the money and comes with free delivery courtesy of And, for a limited time, if you buy 2 or more Yoga Design Lab products, you get 10% off your order.

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Wrap it Up!

So, now you have plenty of yoga mats to choose from. You have a yoga towel that can work great with any of your yoga mats. You even have a combo, yoga mat with towel you can buy. The options are really limitless. We wanted to provide you with a range of products from relatively inexpensive to high-end. It comes down to a matter of taste.

No matter what you’re looking for, there is a perfect product out there for you at  Yoga mats come in bright, fun colors. They offer products made out of eco-friendly materials that are kind to your body and the earth.

Each of these products comes with a convenient carrying strap or bag so you can take your yoga mat with you wherever you go – whether it’s a studio, gym or the beach! They are machine washable and quick dry so you can keep your yoga mat clean and refreshing in between sessions.

One of the most important reasons to buy a yoga mat is because of what it does for your body. Yoga and exercise can put a lot of strain and impact on your body. You need something between you and the floor to lessen this impact. Yoga mats help protect you from injury and stress by offering a thick, cushioning pad to absorb the blow.

Talk about absorbing – these yoga mats also absorb sweat so your clothes and towel don’t have to.  You don’t want to work out with a dirty, smelly towel bunched up at your feet. Let the yoga towel and yoga mats do the dirty work for you.

Finally, you can even choose from a yoga mat that helps you achieve perfect positioning and posing in yoga. With an alignment guide, you can not only impress your yogi but also make sure you avoid injury. A yoga mat really is a must-have for any yoga fans. Whether you’re a beginner or expert yogi, you need to have the right equipment. You cannot achieve the benefits of yoga without the proper equipment.

It’s time to order a yoga mat for yourself or as a gift for a friend or relative. Maybe you can ship one to that friend you’ve been trying to drag to yoga for the last 6 months. Check out and see all the yoga mats Australia has on display. You can order it and have it in your home within a few days.  How can they resist when they have a fun, bright, funky yoga mat to tote along?