What is contemporary country style?

December 19, 2018

  • What is contemporary country style

Contemporary country style has been receiving a bit of attention recently, with its fresh and simple approach rising in popularity, from interior designers to DIY home decorators. You may be wondering what exactly the term “contemporary country style” means.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what is contemporary country style, and the designs, themes and room decorations which make this particular home interior design style unique.

Contemporary Country Style and Home Interior Design

Contemporary Country is in essence a fusion of two other home interior design styles: country, and contemporary/modern styles. Traditional country style involves a strong use of natural materials and neutral colours. Contemporary style, on the other hand, is characterised by industrial, geometric, metallic, and other modern trends, as well as a modern feel and clean lines.

Contemporary country style, therefore, brings these elements together with neutral tones, a combination of natural and modern materials, and a classic, clean and modern vibe.

Colour Schemes for Contemporary Casual

If trying to decorate your home in Contemporary Casual style, stick to neutral colours and soft tones. Subtle tones of grey, pale blue and soft earthy tones work particularly well. White is particularly well used, with lots of white walls, window frames and door frames.

When planning your room decorations try not to overload the colour palette in each space. Every room should use two or three colours only, in varying shades.

Old and New Furniture

When looking for decoration ideas for your contemporary casual interior, look for a combination of modern and antique furniture pieces. Antique wood furniture which evokes the feeling of an old, heritage farmhouse is a great way to draw in the country style. Compliment this with clean, modern furniture pieces such as classic, modern armchairs in neutral tones.

Use Patterns

When looking for decoration ideas in the contemporary country style, many people avoid using patterns and textures. However, although contemporary country is characterised by clean lines and neutral tones, this doesn’t mean you can’t include some patterns.

Both floral/botanical patterns and geometric designs can be very effective in contemporary country. Keep patterns looking modern by using them as a feature within an otherwise plain palette. Playing with scale also helps to give use of pattern a modern update: for example, taking a botanical motif on an unexpectedly large scale on a wall hanging or on a canvas can be very striking.

Unique Pieces

When looking for room decorations to fit your contemporary country theme, think about including one or two unique, “feature pieces” in each space. In particular, reclaimed or recycled pieces are a great way to work within the theme while really standing out. Not to mention, recycling is more environmentally responsible!

Scour your local antique, second hand and charity shops for special home wares and furnishings. You want to look for pieces which have a story to tell: the more they show their age, the better. In particular, commercial or industrial pieces can make very interesting decoration ideas, such as antique sewing machines, old wooden crates and workbenches.

After reading this article, we hope you now have a better idea of what is contemporary country style, and how you can use these ideas to great beautiful interior design through fresh, classic and modern looks.

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