January 22, 2020

Constantly and most importantly guaranteed, to receive a certain income every month is the dream of any investor. Money works without your participation and any efforts and bring even more money. How to achieve this? The answer is you need to know where to invest the money.

Every day, hundreds of events occur in the world, any of which can affect the quotes of securities. In an ever-changing environment, it is important to have a reliable guide who will become your eyes and ears in the financial markets and will be able to give useful investment advice on time.

It is very easy to get confused in this sea of ​​new and not always simple information, which is full not only with lost profits, but also with losses if the signals are misinterpreted and appear on the wrong side of the market.

Today, the founder of TeppersList, Leon Tepper will share about the truth, half-truth, fiction, delusions and the pure lies on the market. Distinguishing one from the other is sometimes very difficult. That is why according to Tepper his “Invest & Forget” system will help you stay afloat in the market and not make at least irreversible mistakes.

What a trader needs to know to survive? Are you an active or passive investor?

This is a person who is constantly in search of new opportunities for investing money for profit is an active one.

The market is a highly effective system for fooling people. Investing relates to the future. Because the future is difficult to predict, on this fertile ground a whole industry is being born to fool people. Here, everyone is “playing something” with someone – from IPO shares and financial services to investment advice. But most ignorant people in the market are deceived on their own – because of their incompetence in many issues related to the market.

What about you don’t have time? The first right step for a new investor is to remember that you need to treat analysts’ forecasts as shamanism – with a bit of skepticism and a small amount of irony.

Invest & Forget Strategy – Worst or Best Choice for a Passive investor?

Leon Tepper, the creator of the system, says that “Timing is EVERYTHING! It’s not just what you buy, it’s when you buy.” The Invest & Forget Strategy uses specific SIGNALS based on technical analysis, it is simple and effective, makes rule-based picks that help you keep your portfolio on the right side of the market. You’ll understand instantly when to buy & when NOT to buy, regardless whether you’re a long-term or a short-term investor.

Tepper’s “Invest & Forget” system analyzes more than 6,000 data points to define where a certain stock is in its current profit cycle. It matches two critical approaches i.e. value investing and momentum investing in order to determine the perfect investment timing for high-potential scripts.

Does it work?

It works. All successful traders use it. But in a different way. And yes, don’t forget after all that it is impossible to get something in the future unless something is done in the present. A well-constructed portfolio upfront will outperform in good markets and protect your assets in difficult markets. That is what TeppersList does by watching over the risk as a living thing.

After all, the very fact of generating passive income is very attractive. In order for income to grow, you need 2 things: periodically invest additional money and constant reinvestment of profits. According to the law of compound interest – over time, even the most modest capital can turn into a rather impressive amount, the profit from which will give you a significant financial flow in the form of a monthly income from the placed funds.