The very best Hair Accessories that you will be wearing this Summer

September 10, 2018

  • The very best Hair Accessories that you will be wearing this Summer
Best hair accessories

This summer we are seeing beautiful best hair accessories and fashion models have been sporting the runway wearing head scarves, head bands, jewels, tiaras and fancy hair clips.  They’ve even been seen wearing scrunchies and veils.  There’s also a lot of pink, lavender and blue hair out there and it seems we cannot get enough colour!

Head Bands

The hippie bandana is out of style but leather and bling bandanas are in!  Tom Ford has bought out a range of leather head bands that can be worn day or night, with any clothing, and with your hair in any style.  They bring sexy to a head band, and to you.  You’ll find leather head bands with studs for that extra bit of seventies sex appeal.  If leather isn’t your thing, there are silk, floral and cotton head bands too.

Butterfly clips

These were all the range twenty years ago and they’re back.  They’re a little bigger, they’re more delicate and they come in a wide range of colours.  Don’t just wear one butterfly clip, where six butterfly clips and if you sport an afro, don’t hold back at all.


It takes a woman with a lot of confidence to wear a tiara but everyone wants to feel like a princess every once in a while.  You will find tiaras at all the jewellery accessory stores and you don’t need to buy one with real diamonds.

Face Veils

We would suggest you keep this hair accessory for night time only, and even then, for a very special event.  Black face veils are usually associated with funerals or mourning, but now they’re being associated with style.  There are sheer black and sheer veils, with polka dots or other patterns.  Should you do this? Only if you can carry it off!  Some things we think are best left on the runway.

Monogrammed Hair Clips

We monogram our purses so why not our hair.  Monogrammed hair clips are one of the best hair accessories that we have seen for summer; we think they’re fab.  They can only be worn with long hair but clip your hair up with a big fancy bulky clip that has the name of a designer on it. Max Mara’s hair clip is a big M made out of crystals.  It’s gorgeous!  You’ll also find crocodile hair clips are big in style and some are saying, the bigger the better.

Hair Scarves

The big designers have been putting their supermodels in scarves.  Hair scarves are easy to wear and are particularly gorgeous as a hair accessory for summer.  Tie your hair up any which way you want and feel cool, pretty, sexy and refreshing.  Hair scarves come in a variety of fabrics, floral is pretty big as are polka dots.  You can wrap them around your hair, tie your hair up in them, or wear them loosely in a sixties style.

Crystal Bow Clips and Diamond Feather Hair slides

The more bling you can put in your hair, the better.  You choose if you want to wear one clip for a stylish glamorous effect, two if you have fabulous bangs, and extra feathers if you want attention.  These clips are beautiful and elegant, and very feminine.  You can wear them in long or short hair.

The general rule is that if your hair is clean, put something shiny in it.  If it’s dirty, cover it in a scarf or a band!  Get busy with your hair accessories!  They’re inexpensive and fun.