The importance of blogging for students

November 29, 2018

Don’t underestimate the importance of blogging for students – blogs are a great tool that can grow creativity, develop writing skills and build discipline. Blogging is something that teachers can have students do in a classroom setting, for example as part of a class project, or students can do in their own time and on their own initiative to build their skills. And of course blogging is a lot of fun too!

Here are five reasons why blogging is so beneficial for students.

Blogs are easy to set up and maintain

Many students and teachers are put off from the idea of making a blog because they don’t know how, and the process seems quite intimidating. However, there are many blogging sites – WordPress and Blogspot are two of the biggest – which are very simple and easy to use. These platforms take care of the technical side of things for you, so all you have to do is add in your text and images, and choose a layout!

You can also run a personal blog for free – there are of course other options for more complex blogs, such as those where you choose your domain name, which cost money to run, but these are more for businesses and it is absolutely unnecessary to pay fees for a personal blog.

Blogging develops skills on multiple levels

We cannot over-state how great blogging is for developing students’ skills. Furthermore, blogging helps students build skills across a variety of areas and at various levels, from writing skills to creativity to design. It is also suited to different learning styles and personality types: for example, shier and more introverted students who may struggle to express themselves in other types of learning will thrive when writing a blog and find that it gives them a voice.

Blogging builds literacy

Literacy and writing skills are important skills for all students to develop, no matter what they want to do later in life. Not only does blogging give students the opportunity to develop and display their writing skills (and even become published authors!), it also builds communication skills. Blogging is great for developing communication and collaboration because students can read each other’s blogs and engage with them through commenting. This exposes students to an important aspect of the writing process – peer review and feedback.

Blogging is accessible to everyone

Unlike like other types of writing such as short stories and poetry, blogging is something that everyone will feel comfortable to do. Blogs represent ultimate freedom of expression – the student can blog about whatever topic or topics matter most to them, or that they find easiest to write about. Additionally, the freedom to work on their blog from anywhere – with their laptop, tablet or smart phone from any location – gives students additional freedom to be able to express themselves wherever and whenever feels best for them, not just at their desk.

Blogs build discipline

Finally, blogs keep students on task both inside the classroom and outside of it. Because of the interactive nature of blogs, with students commenting on and interacting with each others’ blogs, students are encouraged to keep writing and publishing new blog posts, making this another reason for the importance of blogging for the student.