The 5 Beginning Blogging Mistakes You Can Fix

June 30, 2018

  • The 5 Beginning Blogging Mistakes You Can Fix

More and more people are starting their own blog these days, and for good reason. Blogs can be a great way to promote yourself or your business, get your message out, and even make a good income!

However, there a common mistakes that many bloggers avoid, especially in the beginning – so here is a list of 5 beginning blogging mistakes you can fix, to make sure you start out strong with your blog, and stay strong!

Posting too little

This is a common mistake for many bloggers who are starting out: they don’t have enough content on their blog. Or perhaps they start out strong, but can’t maintain the post rate and it quickly drops off. For most blogs, posting once a week is the minimum. For more media or news-focused blogs posting daily, or several posts a day is necessary.

Be sure to be realistic about your ability to create enough content before you launch your blog. Make sure you can commit to posting regular content and can stick to a consistent content creation schedule so that you don’t let yourself down with a blog which is too thin.

Inconsistent posting

Related but a distinct issue is posting with inconsistent frequency. As you build a regular readership, people will expect you to post with a fixed regularity and messing with this could cause you to lose followers! You may try to make up for a long lapse in posts by posting several things in quick succession, but this can actually compound the problem.

To avoid this issue, make sure you set a schedule for yourself and be rigorous about creating and posting content on a regular timeframe.

Lack of promotion

Creating strong and regular content is great, but if no one is reading it, it somewhat defeats the purpose! One mistake many beginner bloggers make is focussing too much on content, and not enough on promoting their blog and gaining readers and followers.

There are many ways to market your blog. Social media is one of the most common, and most effective  – use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote your posts, as well as joining blogger groups and networks on these platforms. Another important component is making sure your readers come back, so make sure you create a community of regular users with interactive features like commenting. You can also create a Facebook group for your readers to build this community.

Under-estimating SEO

Many bloggers underestimate the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). Along with the marketing and promotion mentioned above, SEO is the thing which is going to drive readers and users to your blog. There are many things you can do to make sure your site and posts are highly ranked on search engine results pages, so make sure you take some time to learn about SEO and do everything you can to make sure your site ranks strongly on search engines like Google.

Overuse of keywords

When you start to focus on SEO, you’ll quickly learn that one (but not only) of the key things is making sure your content contains the right keywords. However, a mistake many bloggers make is to take keywords too far, and posts can end up ‘overstuffed’ with keywords. You want to make sure you include SEO keywords, but not in a way that affects the flow or quality of your writing! Make sure you use keywords only in a way which makes sense, and always prioritize writing quality.

Although these errors can threaten the success of your blog, luckily the top 5 beginning blogging mistakes can be fixed!