Simple beach house designs you can throw together in a weekend

December 19, 2018

  • Simple beach house designs

Summer is here! Like many Aussies, you will likely be taking advantage of the warmer weather by spending as much time as possible at the beach. If you’re really lucky, you may even have your own little place on the beach.

Let’s take a look at some simple beach house designs that you can use to brighten up your holiday house, or simply use as cool room ideas to bring a little bit of that beach house feel to your everyday home. After all, life’s a beach!

Go Nautical With Stripes

When it comes to Australian beach house designs, what better way to get in the mood than with some nautical stripes? Use stripes in blue and white or navy and white for an instant nautical vibe in any room.

Some decorating ideas which incorporate nautical stripes could be a rug with wide blue and white stripes, navy and white stripes throws and cushions, nautical stripe window treatments, and even striped upholstery on chairs or footstools.

Use Natural Fibres

Australian beach house designs can be anything from a cosy, rustic shack on the foreshore to a luxurious and airy 6-bedroom house with killer coastal views. However, whatever the size and scale of your beach house, natural fibres such as wicker, rattan and sea-grass work wonderfully for the ultimate breezy, coastal feel.

Some cool room ideas to bring natural fibres into your space include bamboo and wicker chairs or stools, woven wicker outdoor tables, and sea-grass or rattan woven rugs. A hanging basket chair made from these kind of materials makes a great statement piece, not to mention the perfect place to relax with a good book!

Throw Over Some Slipcovers

For an instant classic beach house look, throw some cotton or linen slipcovers over your furniture. You can make these yourself fairly easily if you have a sewing machine, or find them online in home décor stores. For beach-themed decorating ideas, try slipcovers in white, beige or light blues. Tie these in with cotton or linen cushions and pillows in similar tones, as well as darker blues and nautical stripes.

Colour Palette

For cool room ideas within the beach or coastal theme, concentrate on a colour panel of tones of blue or natural shades such as sandy browns or yellows, creams and beige. Blue is the classic colour in Australian beach house designs because it instantly invokes the feeling of the sea, and great room design can include multiple shades from pale periwinkle blue to deep indigo. Blues are well complimented with natural tones of beige and sand, or you can achieve a clean, light and airy feel through creating a room in neutral tones only.

These simple beach house designs can be easily put together on your next weekend getaway, to bring the ultimate coastal feel to your little place in the sun. Take these decorating ideas and create your own little slice of paradise!

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