Save the planet by using fabulous and fantastic environmentally friendly beauty products!

July 29, 2018

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Environmentally friendly beauty products

People have become conscious about using environmentally friendly beauty products.  For years we have used beauty products that are bad for the environment, without thinking.  We’ve used face washes, face masks, body creams and lipsticks that contain toxic chemicals, and it’s only recently that people are becoming aware of how bad chemicals can be.

Not just for the environment, but for your body too.

Customers are starting to demand natural and organic products.  Chemicals are out and nature is in.  Everybody’s going green.  And just because we’re going green, it doesn’t mean we have to compromise on beauty.


How do you know what ingredients are in your beauty products

It may take a bit of time to get used to doing this, but check the ingredients that are in your current beauty products.  There are some ingredients that may seem particularly foreign to you, and if they are, they’re probably foreign to your body and the planet too.  There is a list of ingredients you can check for and as a rule, you should avoid them.  Coal tar, formaldehyde, parabens, oxybenzone are just four to look out for.  There are more. Click Here.


Change your beauty products slowly

In the same way that we are learning not to use plastic straws, we are learning to use environmentally friendly beauty products.  Change does not happen overnight.  Don’t panic if your current beauty products are not totally environmentally friendly.  You can change them slowly to natural and more organic products.  You will also find that your favourite suppliers are starting to go the natural route.  As we say, everyone is becoming aware of not using chemicals and top beauty brands are learning too.


Are environmentally friendly beauty products more expensive

 The cost of beauty products  covers a wide range.  You can get cheap products that don’t work but you can get cheap and brilliant. And if you spend a lot of money on good anti-aging treatments or great moisturisers, no problem.  Just check the ingredients.   Do your research and if the brand works for you, buy it.  In fact, we always think it is a good idea to buy a couple of your favourite moisturisers or face washes at the same time, just in case the brand gets discontinued.  This goes particularly for lipsticks. If you have a favourite lipstick buy a second one immediately!


Organic and natural beauty products are not always the best

Beware, just by the way, of labels.  Sometimes the label will shout out to you NATURAL but even so, check the ingredients.  That avocado mask may also have a few chemicals lurking in the background.  While we understand you don’t want to spend ages squinting at the list of ingredients, which can usually be found on the box, it is worth taking the time.