May 30, 2018

  • Content Marketing

Entrepreneurs can no longer survive without a content marketing strategy. Competitors are producing content on a daily basis with more and more sophistication. The question now is not only whether you have a content marketing strategy, but how you can create enough high quality content that truly engages with your audience?

Companies active in the digital marketing are investing more and more into producing interesting content that people actually want to engage with. Content is going deeper than anybody could have predicted. Marketing content effectively means being able to put it in front of your audience and target markets at the right time.

How does an entrepreneur or small business compete in this space? Here are six tips on the newest trends in content marketing:

  • You should create content for a specific audience. It is becoming easier and easier to reach very specific groups of people through technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithms, and search engines are becoming better and better at delivering specific content that the customer is looking for. Take advantage of these developments to reach your customer in a more personal way.


  • Make sure that the audience cannot find this type of content anywhere else. If your customer depends on you as a source of information and connects with you emotionally, then you also attract their loyalty as a customers.


  • If you are not an expert in producing content, consider producing co-created content with companies or influencers that are already engaged with your target audience. You can save money on both content production and reaching your audience this way. However, make sure that your co-creator can produce actual results that you can feel in your ROI, and not just “visibility and awareness.” The right partner can provide a jump start to your digital marketing campaign.


  • Video is now the most popular and influential digital content for businesses today. Video content can boost search engine rankings, increase engagement and website traffic rates. However, video production can also be expensive because great quality requires higher production costs.


  • Many companies are incorporating professional live video feed, which was launched by Facebook last year and has quickly been adopted by almost all the social media platforms. Be careful when you jump on this train, because quality counts. Shaky, holding-a-phone-in-your-hand live video is no longer acceptable.


  • Raising a budget for high quality content marketing as described above can be a challenge for any size business, never mind a business that is late to the content marketing game. A cool trick that helps in cutting costs is to update and refresh old marketing content. It takes less time to update an old piece of content than it does to create a new piece. Recycling your old content, especially your great pieces and imagery could prove both effective to increase your ROI and cost-effective to your bottom line.