How to plan a wedding which won’t destroy your finances

October 14, 2018

Weddings can be incredibly expensive – even if you start off with a modest budget, costs can blow out to amazing levels leaving you with a huge bill at the end of the day. However, it is possible to plan a wedding with a tight budget.

Read on for tips on how to have your special day without hurting yourself financially.

Keep your guest list under control

It can be easy for guest lists to climb into serious numbers as you plan your wedding. Once you consider extended family, old school friends, work mates, and all the other people in your life, not to mention their partners, before you know it your list may be two or even three hundred people. It can be difficult to know where to draw the line, and feelings of duty or guilt may mean you feel you should invite people even if they’re not really part of your life.

However, many of the costs associated with your wedding – venue costs, catering, to name but a few – are linked to the number of guests you have, so even inviting an extra 20 or 30 people can make a big difference in cost. Smaller weddings also have the advantage of being more intimate, allowing you to share your special day only with people you really care about.

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Review your venue options

Maybe you’ve always imagined your wedding in a big events centre, or a stunning vineyard in wine country. However, these venues come with a hefty price tag. It is not only their venue hire charges you need to consider, but many such venues also have set packages, minimum numbers etc, which can make costs skyrocket.

There are many lovely options with much lower (or no) cost, which will also allow you more control over your other expenses. A wedding in your home or garden can be intimate and lovely. If your home is not big enough or just suitable, a family member or close friend may be willing for you to hold your wedding at their place.

Another option to consider is public parks – you will need to get permission from the relevant authority of course, but fees are usually very reasonable.

Ask friends to be involved in the wedding as their gift

People spend a lot of money on wedding gifts these days – weddings can be an expensive affair for all involved, not just the bride and groom! Why not ask your friends and family to do something for the wedding, especially if they have a particular talent.

Have a friend who is a great amateur photographer? Ask if they are willing to photograph the wedding for you. Know someone who is a musician or singer?  They could perform at the ceremony or reception. Auntie May is a fantastic baker? Maybe she could do some of the desserts for the reception. You get the idea. It’s also a great way to have your loved ones be involved in your special day.

Added bonus: you also won’t end up with a bunch of kitchen appliances you don’t want or need!

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Don’t tell suppliers you are planning a wedding

Often venue and service providers’ prices will skyrocket when they hear the word ‘wedding’. Function centres and other venues, for example, often have a whole different (higher) price list for weddings compared to other types of events. The same is true of many caterers, florists, and even hairdressers.

So when shopping for quotes, why not say you’re planning a birthday party or anniversary celebration rather than planning a wedding?