How to integrate international styles into a contemporary living room

December 19, 2018

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Do you want to bring a fresh and different element into your living room? There is no better place to look for inspiration for living room designs than the world’s most exotic and glamorous destinations, whether it is Morocco, India, Mexico or Paris.

Check out these top room decoration ideas for a stunning, original and truly international contemporary living room!

Moroccan Spices

Morocco is a cross road of cultures, between Europe, Africa and the Islamic Empire, and Moroccan design elements reflect this. One of the signature elements of Moroccan architecture are horse shoe arches, which you can incorporate into your living room décor through artwork, wall hangings and other decorative elements.

Moroccan style is also characterised by Islamic geometric patterns and blue and green tones (representing the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans) and reds and oranges (invoking sunset over the Sahara desert). For beautiful living room wall décor, try using this colour palette, adding textured fabrics in the form of curtains and loosely draped fabrics.

Indian Charm

From Morocco, we can travel down the Silk Route to India, for some rich and luxurious ideas for living room designs. Traditional Indian home décor is typically overloaded in colour: think rich, dark and vibrant colours set against backgrounds of lighter shades. Other common elements include intricate patterns, heavy use of textiles especially silks and cottons, and depictions of Hindu gods through statues, idols and artwork.

Some great Indian-inspired room decoration ideas include pillows and throws with rich Indian-style patterns, knotted rugs, oil lamps and decorative mirrors.

Flavours of Mexico

Mexican living room designs incorporate elements such as rich colours, colourful tiles, rustic furniture and ceramics. Decorative ceramic tiles in bright colours are distinctly Mexican, and are a blend of the country’s pre-Colombian Mesoamerican heritage with elements inspired by the Moorish South of Spain, introduced by the Spanish conquistadors.

You can incorporate Mexican-style living room wall décor by painting your walls warm colours such as reds, oranges and ochres, and hanging textiles and art work of the same colour pallet. Tie these in with ceramic pieces featuring Mayan or Aztec motifs, and rustic wooden furniture, for the full Mexican experience.

Parisian Chic

The legendary style of Parisian apartments offers some great room decoration ideas. Parisian style is considered by many to be the height of elegance, with historic pieces, strong use of white and a general effortless style. Although perfecting this style may in fact involve quite a bit of effort!

You can achieve a Parisian-inspired contemporary living room with elements such as art décor style ornaments, vintage French paintings, and a general mix of vintage and new pieces put together with a minimalist approach.

Put together your own contemporary living room inspired by one of the world’s most envied cultures. Whether you draw inspiration for living room wall décor, furniture, textiles, artwork, or all of the above, you will find the international influence produces unique results which makes your living room stand out from the crowd!

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