How to find and get freelance writing jobs

December 30, 2018

Are you intrigued by the idea of being a freelance writer? Want to get freelance writing jobs but not sure where to start? Finding work as a freelance writer is actually easier than you think, but it can be difficult to get a foothold in this industry if you are not familiar with it.

Never fear! See a (somewhat) comprehensive list of ways to search, apply and secure freelance writing work from your very own home.


There are a variety of websites where you can search and apply for freelance writing jobs, some on a per project basis, in other cases employers are seeking to set up a long-term relationship. Generally these sites require you to set up a profile, it is important that you make your profile as strong as possible, with examples of your work if possible.  You will then need to place bids to secure work.

Some of the biggest sites are:

This is reportedly the biggest such site online, processing a high volume of freelancers, employers and jobs every day. This has its positives and negatives – there are literally thousands of opportunities, but many of these opportunities are low paying and some are scams, or if not exactly a scam non-professional employers who will not follow through with the job and payment, and it can be hard to wade through these types of jobs to find the good opportunities. It was a variety of membership types, including a free option, and various paid levels of membership which afford you more benefits the more you pay, such as the number and type of projects you can bid on.

As a platform, gets mixed reviews –  specifically about its multi-layered fees and commissions which hit freelancers hard, the lack of control over whether jobs offered are genuine rather than scams, and poor customer service.

A similar type of site to Freelancer, but more restrictive with its screening process and so the jobs tend to be of a higher quality.

Online writing

This site is a compilation of freelance writing jobs posted all over the web. These are generally a higher level than the jobs found on Freelancer, for example, which means they are higher paying but also means the requirements are stricter and competition is tough. Some of the jobs listed are for those based in certain locations or countries, so be sure to check this.


Don’t overlook the power of your own connections. Being based in Australia means you have a huge advantage over you competition overseas, as you are one step closer to a suite of high-paying Australian businesses (ie. Potential clients).

Turning these potential clients into actual clients of course is the challenge, and this is where good old-fashioned networking comes in. Think about your connections through work, study and your personal life – are any of these potential clients? Or do they know anyone who is a potential client? This may involve getting outside your comfort zone to promote yourself and ask people for introductions, but it will be well worth it in the end!

General advice

In all cases you will need to put in some hard work to prepare – build up a portfolio, preferably work which has been published online by third party sources, which you can show to potential clients.

It is also important to be professional and highly responsive when dealing with potential clients – always respond to emails and messages as soon as possible, and maintain consistent professional contact. If you follow these rules you should have no problems find freelance writing jobs from all over the world.