2019 Fashion Trends for Wedges

November 15, 2018


Are you a lady that loves wearing wedge shoes?  Read on to see what the biggest 2019 fashion trends for wedges will be to make sure your outfit is styled the best it can be.


Gone are the days of wedges that are boring and bland colors with no style.  Everyone loves a tradition brown or black wedge but it will be a big trend to see fun colors and patterns popping up on the feet of everyone.  Think stripes and polka dots in hot pinks and yellows.  Don’t worry about whether it matches your outfit to perfection.  Use the shoes to make a great statement point to the outfit.  Let them stand out with all of the fun prints you will have to choose from.

Ankle straps or ties

Wedges have either come without a strap around the ankle or with a strap.  Now the trend will be tall ankle pieces.  Instead of one buckles many designers are moving to 3, 4, and even 5 straps to adorn the ankles and calves.  Some could even be considered a mini-version of the gladiator boot.  The straps, buckles, and ties definitely make a strong fashion statement to a region of the body that does not get much attention otherwise.

Ankle straps or ties

Taller the better

It will be hard to come by a wedge with less than a two-inch lift on it.  All of the rage is moving towards wedges that are tall, tall, tall.   It makes legs look skinnier and helps shorter ladies to reach the top cabinets so we can call this form meets functionality.


Wood, plastic, cork, or a mixture is likely to be seen from the materials that make the wedge.  Many shoe companies are looking for a way to stand out against the competition which in the past has generally been cork.  Wood and plastic will make fun sounds when walking so make sure you can tolerate the noise that comes from them.

Materials-fashion trends


While not really a new trend, wedge makers are seeking more ways than ever to make the shoes more comfortable.  So many people are obsessed with the wedge shoe but they can sometimes be very uncomfortable.  However, designers are looking to make the soles more cushioned and the straps softer to prevent the shoe from cutting into the foot.  Sometimes this can be send in the physical appearance and sometimes not.  A few companies are using materials like velvet on the straps to make sure they are not cutting into toes and ankles.