Face, Feet and Hand Masks will make you feel just Fab this season!

November 15, 2018

  • Foot Mask

Face, Feet and Hand Masks have taken over Beauty Instagram. If you’re on Instagram – and what beauty lover isn’t – then you’ll have seen all the pics of beautiful women wearing masks.  Sheet masks on their face, sheet masks on their hands and sheet masks on their feet.  You still get masks, and some pretty amazing ones, that are the cream, clay or oil masks, but the biggest 2018 beauty trend so far is the all inclusive sheet mask.  And it’s not just a face mask we’re talking about, but a hand mask and foot mask too.

Why use a sheet mask?

Sheet masks are easy to use and not messy.  You don’t get cream or clay all over the place, and you look pretty glamorous using them.  We know you do, from your selfies! But, apart from the glam factor, a sheet mask is a concentrated mask. Not only do you get all the benefits of an ordinary face mask, but you get the added potency of a serum at the same time.  And serums are the 2018 beauty trend of the year!  Sheet masks deliver quickly and powerfully, and the ingredients reach deep down into your skin.

What are the best sheet masks?

There are a wide range of sheet masks on the market, for your face, feet and hands.  It’s hard to say what the best sheet mask is, because it depends on your budget.  You can buy some really good masks for just $3 and other top quality sheet masks for $30.  If you have a favourite product  then stick with your product.  But you can also try something new.  Take a look online because you will find every possible kind of sheet mask imaginable.  There are fabulous ranges of face, feet and hand sheet masks.  Charcoal sheet masks are big for summer as they minimise pores and fruit sheet masks are completely refreshing – watermelon, cucumber and coconut in particular.

Anti-Aging Sheet Masks

The most popular sheet masks are probably the anti-aging sheet masks. These are masks that are generally soaked in a serum made up of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and then vitamin E and various soy peptides.  The anti-aging masks refresh and plump up the skin, reducing the look of wrinkles.  Women are starting to use anti-aging products frothier early twenties.  It’s never too early for a little boost to your collagen.

Hand and feet masks

Our hands and feet are often neglected.  Hands in particular, are often where we see the first signs of ageing  It’s important to keep both your hands and feet hydrated and doing a hand or foot mask is a fabulous thing to do.  It’s indulgent.  Put on your robe, lie on the couch, switch on the television or put on some music, and then get your hand and foot masks on.  These products, like face sheet masks, are usually for single use only.  Make the most of that single use and rehydrate and soften your hands and feet for as long as you can!