Entertaining Party Games for Adults

May 22, 2018

  • Entertaining Party Games for Adults

Are you planning a party and have the food, theme, décor, and beverages planned but you cannot figure out any entertaining party games for adults?  We have some game suggestions that take the party from drab to fab while helping everyone loosen up and have some laughs!

Watch Ya’ Mouth

Be sure to check your teeth for food before the crowd plays this game! Insert the giant mouth guards in your cheek and draw your card.  Look to your teammate and say the phrase that is on the card.  Hopefully he or she can guess what their partner is attempting to say through the throws of laughter and mouth retractors.  The team with the most points or whomever gets to a set amount of points first are the winners!


A game of wits.  One player draws a card with a word no one has probably heard before.  Players must come up with the craziest or funniest definition.  The person that drew the word card chooses which one he or she thinks is the real definition (the real definition gets thrown in the mix too) when someone reads them all aloud.  Players have to get creative to make their definition stand out the most!


This classic game is always a crowd pleaser and has been around for decades for good reason.  Teams of players join forces and try to guess what is being acted out in front of the group before the timer runs out.  Get the most amount of points in a given time frame or the first team to get so many points is the winner.

party games 2

Cards Against Humanity

No top party game list is complete without this unwholesomely fun game not for the faint of heart.  One person turns over the top card of the deck and might find something like “How did Stella get her groove back?” The remaining players will then pick from the cards in their hand to make the perfect compliment.  Such examples of cards can be everything from raunchy NSFW cards or calmer “a disappointing birthday party”.  The person that drew the top card chooses which combination he or she likes best; usually the more risqué pairings win the round.  Usually this game last for hours but whomever has the most rounds won is the champion!

5 Second Rule

So you think it is easy to blurt out 3 things in 5 seconds?  How about not getting tongue tied or flustered?  Now add in that the game is centered around dirty themed cards.  Do you still want to play?  This game is a great and light ice-breaker game.  Players take turns drawing a card with a theme, flip the 5-second timer and go!  Spit out the 3 relative things before time is up and you don’t lose the round.  The player at the end of the game with the most points wins.

Minute to Win It

This tv-inspired game is a thrill for those that seek a high activity and energy party.  Participants choose from activities that are preplanned such as “Suck It Up” where the player has to use a drinking straw to “suck” buttons or coins etc. from one piece of paper to another.  If going head to head the person with the most amount of moved items at the end of one minute is the winner.

Party Game 3

Who’s My Match?

If you are looking for an ice-breaker from the moment people come in the door then look no further.  The host will write out famous celebrity couples on papers and stick them to each guests’ back as they arrive.  The guests all then have to mingle around.  Everyone gets one question per another guest and then move on around the room talking and interacting.  Also, only yes or no questions are allowed.  As time wanes on, guests will come to know who the paper is on their back and has to find their “celebrity” match.  Once paired up the first couple gets a prize.