Cheap Quilt Covers to Compliment your Bedroom

October 13, 2018

  • Cheap Quilt Covers to Compliment your Bedroom

When it comes to finding cheap quilt covers, it’s about more than just warmth. A quilt cover can change the composition of your room. It can complement your style and brighten up your living space. When choosing a quilt cover set, you want to there are a few things you want to look for.

Let’s face it, when it comes to guys buying things like quilt covers, they look to make sure it’s the right size. They don’t pay too much attention to color, size, patterns – they are more functional shoppers than anything else. However, no matter who is shopping for your new cheap quilt covers, you should do a little homework first.


Things to think about when choosing a new quilt cover


Believe it or not, the design of your quilt cover says a lot about you. A garish, geometric design may look cheap. You should opt for a classic or monochrome design. It implies elegance, style and tradition. A classic style appears to be more valuable even if it’s not made out of any fancy materials. Simple designs also look more mature. When you see a geometric or jarring design, the quilt looks like it belongs in a kids’ room or a dorm room.

If you are buying a quilt cover for such a room, you do want to look for vibrant and fun designs rather than boring and classic. There are a lot of cheap quilt covers available on that are perfect for a kids’ room or dorm. We’ll take a look here at different quilt covers that suit any room you may be designing.


If you have ever laid on or under a quilt cover, you know that certain materials just don’t feel good against your skin. Not only does the material need to be comfortable, but the material also says a lot about the person who bought the quilt cover.

There are some specific things you want to keep in mind when it comes to material:

  • Season – you are going to want a thicker material for the winter months and lighter ones for the spring and summer. With this in mind, you may want to choose a flannel for winter and a light cotton material for the summer.
  • Laundering – if you plan on washing your quilt cover often, you want a material that is easily machine washable. If you’re going to buy a silk quilt cover, be prepared to pay to have it professionally cleaned.
  • Pets – If you have pets, you do not want to buy any delicate quilt covers. All it takes is one good claw or teeth mark to ruin a delicate fabric like lace or silk. So, if you plan on letting your pets up on the bed, buy a sturdier fabric.
  • Sensitive Skin – you sleep in your bed every night (well, mostly every night.) If you have sensitive skin, you want to stick to natural fibers like cotton. You don’t want a rayon or polyester blend if you have sensitive skin.

Thread Count:

Just like we want a higher thread count for our sheets, the same is true for cheap quilt covers. Not only do want them to look high quality, but we want them to feel high quality as well. Choose a thread count that you can afford but that will also feel good when you sleep. This is even more true if you are using your quilt cover as a throw. If you are going to be wrapping your body up in this cover, you don’t want the fabric to be scratchy or harsh.

Special Features:

There are a few odds and ends you want to take into account when buying your quilt cover. Don’t buy quilts with fringed ends if you have pets or want your quilt cover to look neat and tidy. They tend to fray and look a bit askew when on your bed. You also want to consider buying a pre-washed quilt cover so you don’t have to worry about it shrinking or the color fading when you do wash it. Finally, some are made so they are easy to get on and off the quilt. You don’t want to make a chore out of putting your quilt cover on and off.

Here are some cheap quilt covers available for purchase online. No matter what type of quilt cover you’re looking for, we will introduce you to a handful of great selections. We understand that buying a quilt cover isn’t a life changing decision. However, you do still want to spend your hard-earned money on a quality, quilt cover that will make you happy.



Perfect Quilt Cover for Dorm or Teen’s Room

If you are looking for a cheap quilt cover for a teens’ bedroom or maybe your child’s dorm room, we have the perfect one for you. The Galaxy Quilt Cover with two pillowcases is perfect for a fun and funky room. The pattern itself is bold and colorful with 3-D digital printing. It is sure to stand out amongst the furniture and posters hanging on the dorm room wall.

Both the quilt cover and the pillowcases have hidden side zippers so they both easy to get on and off and hidden from view. The print is made of environmentally safe ink that will never fade. The cover itself is also made from eco-friendly materials so it is kind to your skin and the environment.

This quilt cover is machine washable so you don’t have to trek it back and forth to the dry cleaners. You shouldn’t put it in the dryer, however, as it can be harmed if subjected to degrees of 200 or higher.

Galaxy Quilt Cover

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The quilt cover is reversible so you can enjoy a cool, blue design on both sides. It comes with matching pillowcases and a flat sheet so you get the entire bed in one package. It is available in queen size and is made of a combination of silk and polyester. It is one of the best cheap quilt covers for your teen or college student.



Great Quilt Cover Set for Fall and Winter Months

This teal and black flocked quilt cover set is perfect for your home in the fall and winter months. The dark colors create a toasty and comfortable sleeping environment. This set by Luxton is available in many sizes including Queen, King and Super King. It comes with three pieces: a quilt cover and 2 pillowcases. The pillowcases come to match the size of the quilt cover.

These cheap quilt covers comes in a bright teal and black design with flocking and button closures. It is a stand out and can easily be paired with some black or teal throw pillows. It’s a vibrant quilt cover and is very eye-catching.

This beautiful quilt cover is made out of 100% premium brushed microfiber. It is soft and breathable and much more durable than most cottons. You won’t have to worry about it fading or shrinking. It is machine washable in cold and lay to air dry.

set by Luxton

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The manufacturer is so confident that you’ll fall in love with their quilt cover they offer a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.



High Quality Traditional Style Quilt Cover

This gorgeous quilt cover set is ideal for a country home or guest bedroom. It is fresh and clean looking with a soft gray and white pattern. It is a four-piece set with 2 pillowcases, quilt cover and flat sheet. It is made out of polyester so you would want to pair it with some breathable cotton sheets.

When we talk about high thread count, this is the set we were talking about. Coming in at 400 thread count, this high-density quilt cover set is durable, thick and very warm. It is comfortable to either lay on or wrap around your body on a chilly afternoon.


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Cheap quilt covers such as this one designed by FashLady are perfect for a bright room with lots of natural light. It will highlight the geometric patterns that are subtle yet statement making. These neutral colors are easy to match with window treatments and wall sconces. It is available online and is perfect for your own bedroom or even a guest room.



Terrific Textured Quilt Cover Set

Sometimes, all you need to dress up a room is a textured quilt cover set such as this one by Fabric Fantastic. This diamond pintuck puckered quilt cover set comes with three pieces: the quilt cover and two matching pillowcases.

The first thing you’ll notice is the vibrant seafoam color with its diamond puckered woven fabric throughout. It is one of those quilt covers you just love to run your fingers over – the grooves catch the light and make your room nice and airy and bright.

It is designed well with hidden zippers on the side so you can easily slide on and off your quilt. It is made of a super soft material so it is comfy to sleep on top of on warm nights or under on chilly nights.

diamond pintuck puckered

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This artistic quilt cover is the perfect accessory to dress up any room. It offers great durability and a smooth finish. The elegant style and unique texture are sure to be a hit.



Masculine Style Cheap Quilt Covers

So many quilt covers are feminine and pretty. It is nice to see a handsome design here by Luxton. This stone grey and black pin tuck quilt cover set is designed with sophisticated cross shades printed on a luxurious black material.

This quilt cover is made on soft, thick microfiber material with pin tucks on back. This cover will protect your quilt so you can get the thickness and warmth you want without sacrificing the condition of your quilt underneath.

Masculine Style Cheap Quilt Covers

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This 3-piece set is machine washable so no money will be wasted on the dry cleaners. It is made of a breathable material so although it will keep you warm, it won’t smother you. It is ideal for cold winter nights when you just want to be comfortable and get a nice night’s sleep.