7 Must have/Trending Items in Creating the Perfect Autumn/Winter Wardrobe, 2018!

June 28, 2018

  • Trending Items in Creating the Perfect Autumn/Winter

“Winter is here”

Some of the trends this year are out of this world, some are fashion throwbacks, and some are simply sensational. As always, when mixing and throwing the trends together, the point is to still be yourself to create a “new look” and be the next trendsetter. If you’re still having trouble figuring out exactly how to accomplish that feat, let this Fashion Diva give you an example on how to get it done.

First, take a quick look online at some of the top fashion magazines like Elle or Vogue, and make a 10-15 item list of trending items that you find particularly fashionable, and you could see yourself wearing. Place these 10-15 items in a box on a piece of paper.


  1. Now we start designing from head to toe. It is winter, so let’s keep our heads warm with a fashionable Beanie.

We can check that off the list. The idea of this list is to not go over 7 clothing items unless you are putting patterns, fabric, or colors with the clothing items as we have done with connecting lines. In the end, you will have 5 items you still want to try and won’t be stuck guessing still.

The color Pink       Beanie Hats      Plaids     Tiny Purses

Velvet                       Faux Fur           Vinyl Trenches     Logomani

Chunk Boots          White Boots       Corduroy Trousers    Scarves

Turtle Necks          Vibrant or Neutral Colors  Vests      Floral

  1. The next item we chose is a vibrant color Turtleneck to show of your stunning eyes, and one that matches somewhat, but doesn’t have to and not totally, your beanie. The turtle-neck has come a long way since its initial design. Even though it’s Winter, you will be indoors some of the time, which means you can have some fashionable fun, with turtle-necks; for example, ones that have cut-outs, half-arm, sequined or designed.
  1. Over that, to keep you extra warm, and extra smart looking is the always fashionable plaid vest. On the streets, depending on the vest, it can set the tone: student or professor vest, outback girl vest, even ready for a cozy dinner by the fire girl vest. Vests can say it all.


  1. Nothing feels quite so luxurious or decadent against the skin as velvet. Which is probably why it has been a fashionable favorite for centuries. Designers know how woman want to look, and they know how they want to feel while looking that way. Sexy and powerful, as well as warm, all day long, can be found in fabulous in- trend velvet Corduroy Trousers, which are always super slimming.
  2. I personally love Winter, because I love wearing my boots! 2018 is calling out all of your chunky and wedge boots for fashion, which couldn’t be more perfect for walking in comfortably.
  3. Wonderfully colored vinyl trenches will be seen all over Australia this Winter as they are taking the Fashion World by storm. No longer trapped by the movie industries stereotypical black, fashion designers have pulled out the works designing these incredible works of comfortable, wearable, warm art.
  4. Finally, the absolute must-have in every woman’s closet should be scarves. Personally, I own about forty, but I owned them prior to them being trendy. They are just one of those little things that become trendy again and again, they are so versatile in wearing, and they come in every color, pattern, and material imaginable. Even better, most of the time, these trendy little items are something you can pick up second hand or op shops for a lot less than retail.

    Voila! C’est fini y tres belle! And it was easy too!  The Fashion Diva’s way of being trendy this 2018 Winter Season also leaves ideas to look forward to trying out. In choosing my fabulous fashion trends of 2018, this is how dynamite you should look when you walk out the door. Those Aussie blokes won’t know what hit them, and the fashion world will know you pay attention.