2018 Fashion Trends for Women’s Bathing Suits

June 27, 2018

  • 2018 Fashion Trends for Women's Bathing Suits

It’s time again to pick out a new bathing suit and you feel overwhelmed with choices.  Check out what we found to be the top 2018 fashion trends for women’s bathing suits.

Ties and Bows

Look for ties to be super popular on the front of bathing suits instead of the usual back or side ties.  These are for more than function the ties will be a staple accessory.  Bows will be all of the trends too; not big and bulky but a small statement point.

Asymmetrical one-shoulder

This style will be seen with one-piece and two-piece bikinis in fun prints, colors, and patterns.  The one-shoulder style gives a funky flair to the traditional styles.

Plunging one-piece

Taking the sexiness level to a whole new degree will be the plunging neckline.  No longer is the one-piece associated with trying to hide a flaw.  It has made its way to the front and center of style and sex appeal.  You will see lace-up centers, adjustable zippers, and string pieces tying the two sides together.


Falling stylishly in between the bikini and one-piece is the monokini.  Off-centered straps or high-cut thigh lines to high-waisted and ultra-push-up bombshell tops that flatter all figures. Monokinis are perfect for those ladies insecure about going full bikini because the strappy pieces make sun-bathers feel like they are wearing more.

Mismatched prints

Polka-dots and zebra stripes paired together, absolutely with this new fashion trend.  How about stripes and chevron? Sure! Anything goes with this hot trend.  So pull out all of the odd pieces in your bathing suit drawer and have fun mixing and matching.  The possibilities will be endless for combinations this summer.

Pastel colors

Baby blue, mint green, and soft pink are just a few of the shades that will be spotted along beaches this year instead of inside nursery walls.  The softer counterparts compliment many skin tones and are versatile to mix and match.


Not your Nana’s ball of yarn but these sexy swimsuits appear risqué by giving a little peep between the loops.  Crocheted bathing suits look classy and foxy.  Crocheted will be in all of the styles from high chest to high-waisted and everything in between.

Wild Prints

Whatever your favorite item in the world may be, chances are it will be on a swimsuit this year.  Pineapples to peacocks have already hit runways around the world.  Don’t be afraid to go wild and pick something totally out of your comfort zone because that is the trend.  The more vibrant the better.


Sequins, shimmery material, and anything that adds the bling pop to a bathing suit will be seen this year.  Don’t feel like you need to savor this bathing suit for a special occasion because it is too pretty to wear; wear it often and flaunt the beauty of those sparkles.


These have gone from far more than just practical uses.  At one time, it was just to keep you covered until you got to the pool or beach.  Now coverups have a staple part as an accessory to that bathing suit.  Sets are being sold that coordinate perfectly between the bathing suit and coverup.  If going for a frugal route, opt for a coverup that can be worn with multiple suits to get more use for your money.

String bikinis

The staple to the bikini era is the string bikini.  All of those sexy ties add instant appeal to a bikini.  Uber revealing and hot, the ties will go all around the torso, across the outer thighs to connect the front and back; it really is anything goes with the strings.