2018 Accessory Fashion Trends

June 30, 2018

  • 2018 Accessory Fashion Trends

Are you tired of looking at the same old and outdated accessories in your closet or wardrobe? We have must-have list for accessories this year so read on to see what is in style!

Barely-there sunglasses

Say goodbye to the oversized frames that have been a staple for years.  The hot trend now is shades that have small lenses and thin-wired frames.  Every designer runway had these tiny spectacles on the models.  The lenses color is muted down so no more bright blues and greens.  Designs are sticking more towards ambers and blacks.

Patterned handbags

Funky prints wrapped all around or a single design to make a statement on a solid bag is what all ladies will be carrying.  The bags will also be all the rage in fun shapes.  No more square and boring bags to carry around.

Stilettos are on the way out

Back in fashion for now are the classic pumps of the 80’s.  Shorter heels and the timeless slightly tapered toe in any color you could imagine.  Perfect accessory if you never mastered walking in the 4-5″ stiletto that was in fashion for years.

Blinging earrings

At one point it is hard to believe that fashion conscious ladies only wore pearl and diamond studs.  Now all of the bling makes the earring better.  Not necessarily diamond bling but anything that makes the earring sparkly or stands out.  Long earrings are back in full force for the upcoming year.


Fanny Packs

Let’s be honest, we might not have loved on the trend since the early 90’s but they were incredibly handy.  Fanny packs are making a fierce comeback and they will come in every color, print, and size that you can imagine.  Go ahead and toss all of that stuff in your fanny pack and enjoy the convenience of the reinvented fashion trend.

Platform shoes

Another trend from decades back that is making a comeback is the platform shoe.  Not only will they see with dresses, they will be complimenting short and pants.  The great shoe will come in funky patterns and textures.  Give your outfit some height with these shoes.


Anything goes with belts.  Any fashion lover will be delighted to see belts from skinny to thick.  Some will have embellishments such as flowers or even spikes.  Any color and pattern combination to match all outfits.  Belts will be a huge fashion accessory statement in 2018 and not for just holding your pants up anymore.



Necklaces are one accessory that will never go out of fashion.  For years now, the necklace trend has been long and layered.  The same trend will prevail this year.  The more layers the better.  Go for matching or coordinating styles and finishes.  Necklaces are the perfect accessory for any wardrobe and season.